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My name is Garrindar Parhar, and I started Apt Rides to provide the Lower Mainland a local alternative to the multi-national ride hailing companies that dominate the industry. A company that is more aligned with the ideals of the region, understands the area, and gives back to the community. I believe that by incorporating local knowledge of the area, Apt Rides can provide a better ride hail option to the residents of the Lower Mainland. We aim to provide passengers with an economical, ethical and community oriented service while providing drivers with fair and transparent compensation. My experience in many aspects of the local passenger transportation industry led me to create Apt Rides based on these core principles.

A local ride hail company, created for us, all of us.

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Today & Tomorrow


Apt Rides mission is to provide a local, ethical, and
economical ride hailing alternative that is transparent
and fair for those working on the platform.


Creating a model for local, ethical, start-up companies
to prosper in markets increasingly dominated by
multi-national organizations disconnected from the
communities they profit from.

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