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Fair, Simple, and Consistent Rates. Apt Rides offer drivers a fixed payment rate that is the highest and easiest to calculate in the industry.
Looking to drive for a local company when you want, where you want, on your own terms? A company that’s open and transparent with drivers and where you can earn more per trip?
If the answer to these questions is yes, Apt Rides is for you!
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    If unsure of Apt Rides vehicle requirements or any other information required, please check the Drivers section of our website

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    What You Need

    Driver & Vehicle Requirements

    • Class 1, 2 or 4 BC drivers’ license
    • A recent Criminal record check including vulnerable sectors
    • A vehicle that is 7 years or newer and not rebuilt or salvage
    • A vehicle that has at least 4 doors and 5 seatbelts
    • A vehicle that has a valid commercial inspection (CVI)
    • A vehicle that is registered in the correct ICBC category (ride hail) and has the correct seating capacity listed

    Note: If you are a current Apt Rides driver and are planning to or have changed the vehicle that you use for ride hailing, you must inform Apt Rides immediately so we can update the information on our database. If you use a vehicle not registered with Apt Rides while driving on the app, you can face permanent suspension from operating on the platform.


    As a ride hail driver in B.C, you do not need to adjust your vehicle insurance policy. You will continue to pay for and receive the same vehicle insurance coverage as you do today, however you must notify ICBC that you are using your vehicle for ride hail.

    Your auto insurance will apply to any incidents that occur while using your vehicle for personal use and while driving on the Apt Rides app but prior to accepting a ride request.

    Once you’ve accepted a ride request on the Apt Rides app and you are on your way to pick up a passenger(s) or traveling with a passenger(s), Apt Rides fleet commercial auto insurance will cover you and your passengers. This Apt Rides policy includes $2 million in third-party liability limits, as well as collision coverage (subject to a $2,500 deductible).

    Taking Trips

    When you want to earn open the app and tap GO. The app will start looking for requests from riders near you.

    When a ride is offered, you will see the pickup and drop off locations, time and distance of the ride and the total fare upfront. You’ll know where you are going and what you are going to earn before you accept a ride. If the trip offer works for you, press accept.

    Use navigation to receive the best directions to your pickup location. Navigation will use your phones preferred built in map application. You can communicate with your rider through in-app messaging, for example if you can’t find them. Once you get to your pickup location, press the arrive button to inform your passenger that you have arrived. When your passenger enters the vehicle ask them their first name or their destination and compare with your booking details to ensure you have the correct passenger(s).

    Once the passenger(s) are in your vehicle, tap the start trip button. Use navigation to get your guests to their destination the most efficient way or go a different way if your rider has a preferred route. When you reach the drop off point, press complete trip and you will be prompted to rate the passenger.

    Features Of The App

    Hot Zones are a feature unique to the Apt Rides app which show which neighbourhoods are busier than others through a simple colour system.  The colours range from red meaning hot to yellow meaning cool.  The hotter the area, the more demand for rides.

    Goals show what bonuses are available to you for meeting certain targets. See your progress on the app and receive incentives once the targets are met.

    Rate riders. You can rate a rider immediately following the completion of a trip or go back through your completed trips on the app and do it later. Rating passengers help Apt Rides provide drivers with a safer experience and are visible to drivers when being offered a ride.

    APT rides drivers app
    Map of APT rides location availability in Metro Vancouver

    Apt Rides is currently available in the following areas: West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, North Delta, White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam. In the short-term there will be regions within these areas which are unavailable for bookings, however as the company expand, we will fill in these gaps and expand over larger portions of the region from Whistler to Hope.

    Driving On The App

    Required items to keep with you and your vehicle when operating on the Apt platform:

    • Apt Rides decals for your front and rear windows
    • Your drivers license
    • Your vehicle insurance and registration papers
    • Your valid commercial vehicle inspection report
    • You may also be asked to show your Record Check Certificate, which confirms that you have passed the required safety screening.

    Consider the following when operating on the app to improve your experience:

    • A phone mount for navigating hands-free
    • A Bluetooth headset for taking calls
    • A phone charger so you never run out of battery while driving
    APT rides drivers app

    Want To Earn More Tips?

    APT driver washing his vehicle

    Consider the cleanliness of the inside and outside of your vehicle.  Riders will often show their appreciation for your efforts through tips.  Also consider having a diverse array of musical options for your riders, and perhaps ask them their musical and volume preferences as they settle in for their ride.

    Found an Item in Your Ride?

    After every ride, check the areas where passengers were sitting for anything left behind. If you find any item in your vehicle that may belong to a rider, please press the ‘report’ button on the app. If the item was from the last trip you completed and you still have the option, press ‘report’ after the ‘did you find an item?’ prompt. If the lost item was from a previous ride (or you no longer have the option on the current ride) go through your trips on the app menu and find the one that you believe the item was left from. If you are unsure which ride the item was left from, select the most recent trip in your history. Press the ‘report’ button and provide a photo of the lost item, a description of the lost item, pickup and drop off information of the ride, permission to give the rider your phone number to help facilitate return of the item and any other relevant information that may help us identify the rightful owner. We will contact you as soon as possible with the rider’s information to facilitate the return of the item but in the meantime, please keep the item safe. To help ensure your extra effort is rewarded, we enable a $15 reimbursement from the rider to yourself once an item has been returned and this has been confirmed by the passenger. This total will be charged to the riders’ credit card through the Apt Rides platform and fully reimbursed to you. If we can’t find the rightful owner of the lost item within a reasonable timeframe, we will arrange for you to either drop the lost item to an Apt Rides office or to pickup the item directly from you.

    Apt Rides Goals & Promotions

    All goals and promotions offered by Apt Rides provide a one-time reward or bonus per driver unless otherwise stated by Apt Rides. Once a driver receives a bonus or reward upon meeting the requirements, they will be ineligible to claim any further bonus or reward for the same goal or promotion unless explicitly stated by Apt Rides.

    Driver Tax Responsibilities

    GST info for drivers
    When driving on the Apt Rides platform, you’re responsible for filing GST returns.

    GST is included in the fares your passengers pay, as such you will be collecting this on behalf of the government.  When filing your GST return, you can claim credits back for GST that you have paid on work related purchases.  Input tax credits are deducted from the total GST owed to the government during the tax year.  Be sure to keep receipts of all work-related expenses as proof of purchase.

    You require a GST number to file a return.  If you already have a GST registration number through working with another ride hail company or from previous self employment you can use this number for filing your GST that you collect while on the Apt Rides platform.

    If you don’t have a GST number, see below for further information.
    Registering for the GST is mandatory for Ride hail drivers. The CRA requires drivers to apply for registration within 30 days of giving your first ride. Your registration effective date should be on or before your first ride.

    All drivers must provide their GST number to Apt Rides upon registration with the company (if you already have one) or once you have received your GST number (if you haven’t had one). To register for GST online, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website and follow the links.

    If you have questions on completing GST registration, please contact a tax professional.

    Collect the GST
    Passengers pay 5% GST as part of their fare. You should keep track of your GST collected; however, Apt Rides will provide this information to you at regular intervals or if requested. Make sure to keep the 5% GST that you collect aside for when remitting your GST return.

    Filing your GST return
    You’ll need to calculate your net tax before you file a GST return. Your net tax is the difference between the amount of GST you collect and the amount of GST you’ve paid (Input credits).

    The amount of GST you collect is 5% of the total earnings you have made excluding tips.

    Once you know your net tax, you’re ready to file your GST return. You can file your GST return online with the CRA. You may also be able to file your return on paper. GST returns are due either monthly, quarterly, or annually. The payment deadline depends on your GST filing period.

    To register for the GST, you’ll need to prepare the following information:
    Your full legal name, Social Insurance Number, telephone number, mailing address, a description of your business activities (ride hailing services), estimated ride earnings (the form will ask you for estimated sales), effective date for your GST registration, and your GST return filing frequency (that is, monthly, quarterly, or annually)

    Additional information can also be found on the CRA’s website.

    Customer Service

    Apt Rides is available to 24/7 to assist with any questions, concerns, or issues. We offer support through the mobile app, or you can contact us at any of the channels listed below.