Safety & Community Guidelines

Our Commitment

Apt Rides is committed to the safety of all that utilize our service.

We want riders and drivers to have a safe, enjoyable experience while traveling in an Apt Ride.

To meet this commitment Apt Rides have established company policies in addition to the standard safety guidelines established by various levels of government.

Riders can be assured that drivers working on the platform have the proper licensing and have had criminal background and driving record checks completed and verified. The vehicles they drive are inspected for safety and have the proper insurance in place so that everyone in the vehicle is covered. Furthermore, a ratings system is in place that will allow riders to rate their driver giving Apt Rides the opportunity to work with those in need of improvement.

Drivers can be assured that Apt Rides has their insurance needs covered, are there to provide support and assistance when required and have enacted policies that ensure that riders that break the community guidelines of the company will not be allowed to use the service.

In case of an emergency or a situation where you do not feel safe, a SOS button is clearly visible and available on the passenger and rider mobile apps while on a ride. When activated, Apt Rides staff will immediately be notified of the situation and will be shown your location, your information, and the trip details. We will try to establish contact with the rider, the driver, and/or send emergency services if required.

To ensure your safety and privacy, while using the Apt Rides mobile app to communicate with your driver or rider, the only information that will be shared will be your first name. Your phone number and any other information will be kept secure and private.

To ensure safety while operating on the app, Apt Rides expect drivers to stay focused on driving. Using a handheld device, or any other types of distracted behaviour maybe against the law and can result in penalties, fines and losing access to the Apt Rides platform. Riders are encouraged to report any unsafe driving behaviour to Apt Rides through the support option on the mobile app or via other channels that can be seen on the contact us page on our website.

To ensure a safe ride, riders are expected to respect the personal space of the driver and not engage in any behaviours which may distract the driver. Furthermore, kindness and respect to the driver will go a long way to helping your ride be safer and more pleasant.

Drivers and riders are encouraged to utilize the Apt Rides ratings system to provide the company feedback. Feedback provided helps Apt Rides determine whether riders and drivers are abiding by the community guidelines and whether further actions need to be initiated to create a better, safer experience for all.

In the wake of the Covid pandemic and harsh flu season, riders and drivers are encouraged to work together to provide a safe travelling environment. Masks are currently not required by law; however, we encourage riders and passengers to make responsible decisions based on personal risk factors and the situation in your area. Riders and drivers should keep in mind that many people feel safer wearing a mask because of personal or family health situations, so we should all be respectful of each others’ preferences. And if you ever feel uncomfortable as a rider or driver, you can always cancel your trip. Apt Rides will do whatever they can to support drivers in providing their riders a safe, clean, and sanitary environment for travel.

Riders can sit in the front seat of any vehicle they order, however, we encourage riders to utilize the front seat only if required or offered by the driver.

If you ever feel unsafe whether as a driver or a rider, we encourage you to cancel the ride if need be. We encourage that any unsafe or unethical behaviour by riders or drivers is reported to Apt Rides so we can ensure the future safety of all.

Small children are required by law to have the appropriate safety seats when traveling in a ride hail vehicle, these seats are not provided by Apt Rides. Any rider who would like to bring a small child into a vehicle would need to supply the appropriate legal seat for the child to ride.

For safety reasons no one under the age of 18 is allowed to ride unaccompanied in an Apt Ride. If you suspect that your rider maybe under the age of 18, we encourage you to ask for an acceptable form of picture ID.

Criminal behaviours by drivers or riders will result in the permanent removal from the Apt Rides platform.

Our Community Guidelines

Apt Rides strives to provide a safe, respectful, tolerant, and courteous environment for riders, drivers, and staff. This type of environment is created by everyone working together. Some ways that we can make this happen include the following:
Start your ride by creating a welcoming environment through friendliness and a smile. Be real and treat the other person(s) in your vehicle the way you expect to be treated. Sometimes they may not want to talk or might want to talk a lot. Find the right balance when connecting with your passenger(s) or driver and everyone will feel a lot better about the ride.

Respect personal boundaries and keep your hands to yourself. Respect personal differences and keep judgments to yourself. We are all a bit different.

Consider the comfort of others by making sure it’s OK before sharing private or personal stories or conversations, making a phone call, or turning up the volume on your radio.

Treat each other’s property like it’s your own whether you’re a rider in a drivers’ vehicle or you’re a driver who finds belongings left in your vehicle. This can ensure we all have a better day.

For the safety of the ride and comfort of all leave raucous behavior, messy food or drinks, and private romantic experiences out of the vehicle.

Apt Rides encourage feedback from customers and staff on the service offered and will act on any complaints and suggestions promptly. This company was created with the vision of being a moral and ethical business as such any discrimination and/or prejudice towards riders, drivers, or staff will not be tolerated and can result in the termination of the staff member/s responsible or the suspension/cancellation of user accounts.

Discrimination against staff, riders or drivers isn’t tolerated on the Apt Rides platform. Reports of discrimination based on any of the following can result in account deactivation:

  • Race
  • Colour
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Gender, gender identity or expression
  • Physical or mental disability (including the refusal of service animals or mobility devices)
  • Medical condition
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation

Apt Rides commits to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community. We strive to provide a safe, ethical, community oriented service that treats all our passengers with the same respect we expect to receive ourselves. Please note that refusing riders based on any of the protected characteristics listed above is a violation of our Terms and Conditions.

Customer Service

Apt Rides is available to 24/7 to assist with any questions, concerns, or issues. We offer support through the mobile app, or you can contact us at any of the channels listed below.